Denied facts are still facts. Photo: Edward Kimmel (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A Serious Campaign to Undermine Public Trust in Science

Melting glaciers could cause sea levels to rise 1–2 meters by 2100. Photo: Jason Auch/CC BY 2.0

This is what climate tipping points will do to Florida by 2050 as sea levels rise. Image:

Abrupt Collapse of Climate System

Hurricane Harvey 2017. Image: NOAA, GOES-16 satellite

The Sun is powered by nuclear fusion. Photo: NASA

Fusion Energy Could Become a Reality by 2050

3Thawing permafrost, Herschel Island, off Yukon, Canada. Image Credit: Boris Radosavljevic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Permafrost: an Important Carbon Reservoir

Seagrass meadows are nursery habitats for many important fish species. Photo: Heather Dine/NOAA

Karina Collins

I work in marketing by day — and pen my thoughts on climate change by night.

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